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The Blog Proposal

Travel tips and destinations are what we want to share with people who also love to travel.

A travel blog that tells our experience and will be helpful to those people who get tired of chasing tour guides, keeping on the traditional rows of tour groups, who prefer to enjoy or leave places as they want, who like to know more then only traditional sights of travel packages, who look for safe ride and spending less money.

We know many people who want to travel but who have some kind of fear.
Fear the language barriers, other uncertainties spending, or walking difficulties, or adaptation to local dishes, insecurity of walking through unknown paths, accommodation in inappropriate places, in short, so many end up traveling in tour groups or some of them do worse because they never travel.

Well, we are certain that they are only ghosts, myths, which can be overcome peacefully and there comes the discovery of an incredibly amazing world.

So guys, let's go !!!

Here's a snack. That's the beautiful church of Ramsau, a small town located in the German Alps, at 140 km from Munich, near the border with Austria, on a trip with spectacular scenery. And many other wonderful places will come around.


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